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Hibiscus Violet Cotton Rounds

Hibiscus Violet Cotton Rounds

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Our Hibiscus Violet Cotton Rounds will have you seeing (violet) hibiscus-s! These super-soft, luxurious rounds are made of 100% cotton and feature a beautiful purple hibiscus print. Perfect for the refined beauty ritual or a day of relaxing spa vibes. 'Round here, style and function go (hand) in hand! These reusable makeup pads are the perfect replacement for disposable cotton pads, great for applying toner or removing makeup.

Due to the handmade nature and pattern, no two cotton rounds are the same.

Product Details

  • Cotton fabric, cotton batting, cotton flannel
  • 3" circle

Care Instructions

Please wash before using. Machine washable, edges should fray and snug up to stitching.

Keep cotton round looking fresh with a high-heat iron and steam.

When they've reached the end of their life, cut up into small pieces and add to compost pile.

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