About Us

Momako Designs

Momako Designs is owned and operated by me, Mona Benton. I started Momako Designs when I moved to Cleveland in 2018 as a way to stay close to my roots. When I moved back home to Kauai in 2021, I made Momako Designs a full-time commitment, and here we are today!

(Momako is a made-up word created from pieces of my maiden name, MO-na MA-rie KO-nno.)

Lovanna Hawaii

Lovanna Hawaii is owned and operated by Vanessa Simao, better (and older) version of me (she's my older sister). Her shop is based in our hometown, Kauai, Hawaii, and her expertise is channeled by years of sewing and our eagle-eyed mother that watches over her shoulder as she sews. Basically, her products are quality. Real quality.

(Lovanna is a combination of the girl names in our family, LO-lita, VAN-nessa, mo-NA.)