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Stay Humble, Be Humble (The Sewing Origins)

"We're all where we come from. We all have our roots." - John Guare

Sewing has been in my family for at least a couple generations. My grandmother on my mom’s side (Grandma Lanai as she was affectionately nicknamed), did it as a side-hustle. Which made sense...feeding, clothing, and housing 11 kids with plantation wages? Get all the side hustles you can get, gramma! She had “money face” - always looking for ways to keep her family afloat. But she never let materialism overwhelm her, humble to the core.

My grandmother on my dad’s side (Grandma Konno, which is not as fun a nickname but much more accurate) sewed her own clothes when she felt like it and crocheted...also when she felt like it. She was the true hobbyist - and while I saw her creations, she never bragged about her accomplishments or was showy about it. She made what she needed and when she wanted and kept it that way.

Both of my grandmas sewed blankets in very different styles (Grandma Lanai sewed colorful scraps together into a unique but distinct style quilt and Grandma Konno crocheted soft blankets out of pale, neutral brown colored yarns), and it was a thing of pride to have their blankets in our family. 

While I never learned sewing from them, I did learn the value of a handmade gift. And how they can be treasured far beyond their worth. Momako Designs (pronounced mo-MA-ko) carries that idea still. While the side-hustle ambition is strong (“money face” to the core), the same hobbyist spirit is there as well, as I didn’t go through any real schooling or intense training to learn these skills. Every tie, every product, is made because I want to, and every item sold is a handmade present (that you paid for, but the idea is there, trust me). And I hope to carry that feeling for as long as this small business continues. 

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