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Custom Orders

Custom Orders for Your Fresh Self

Do we accept custom orders? The short answer is yes. Yes we do. There are two that we mainly do: (1) bulk orders of existing items and (2) completely custom order where you choose your fabric and other necessary hardware. (For bulk orders, please keep in mind that we buy fabric in limited stock, often from stores that also supply fabric in limited quantity.

Lovanna Hawaii Custom Orders

You can contact the owner of Lovanna Hawaii directly for custom order inquiries at her Etsy shop here. Or you can make me the middleman and send a message through the website here! If you want a certain product but with different fabric, please have that available for her to use as a reference.

Momako Designs Custom Orders

You can contact me for custom order inquiries here, or email me directly at

Bulk or Custom?

Bulk Orders. Majority of the time, if you want a bulk order of existing products, it’s unlikely we’ll be able to accommodate. For the sake of our sanity and storage, we buy fabric in limited quantities, oftentimes from stores that also supply fabric in limited quantities. As in, once it’s gone, it’s gone. It doesn’t hurt to ask if it’s possible, but be prepared for disappointment or an entirely custom order. Pricing will not differ too much from existing pricing, unless you’re requiring us to purchase more fabric or make any edits, in which case we can give you an estimate based on extra work.

Custom Orders. As custom as your heart desires (to a certain degree, we are only human). Pick your fabric from an online shop or a fabric store near you, choose the style, and you get to choose whatever hardware is needed! If you don’t have a certain fabric in mind, give us a color or theme, and we can help you find fabric online. If we purchase the fabric, we’ll require a down payment first to start the process. If you purchase the fabric, the down payment won’t be required.

How Long Do Custom Orders Take?

Depending on the workload, typically a custom order takes 2-4 weeks. We will discuss any shipping estimates and when we expect to ship out the order before finalizing the order. If you need it right away, we’ll discuss with you if it’s possible and any extra charges for rushing the order.

How Much Do Custom Orders Cost?

This depends on the amount of products and any changes. For example, if you were looking for 5 standard-sized ties, expect to pay $28-$40 per tie. If you were looking for 5 ties that were 2” wide (something we don’t provide), you could expect to pay more than $25, since it would involve extra work for us.

Do You Offer Discounts on Bulk or Custom Orders?

Yes! Again, this depends entirely on the amount of products you’re ordering and if you’re asking for extra work. If you’re asking for 2 lapel pins, it’s probably not likely we’ll offer a discount. But if you’re asking for 6 or more, we most likely will! Don’t be afraid to ask us, and also forgive us if we don’t offer it right off the bat. Sometimes doing all the math for the work and figuring out if it’s possible or not distracts us from the fun stuff.

Long story short, we love what we do and we love happy customers. So of course we are open to custom orders (as long as it’s within reason). If you still have questions about the bulk/custom order process or you want to start your order, email me at or contact us here.